Recently published, the MyLab & Mastering Business, IT, and Career Efficacy Report, features over 20 case studies.    Read More »

The Britt Files: Don't Give Away the Answer...Yet

Today’s topic in The Britt Files focuses on waiting. That’s right – when you ask students a question when you’re lecturing, how long do you wait to allow students to answer? Is it the suggested 3-5 to five seconds?    Read More »

Defining G-R-I-T

As GRIT becomes white-hot in the milieu of ideas, our efforts to grasp it, gauge it, and grow it are evolving, dramatically. All together, this upgrade defines the difference between grit and GRIT™. The seismic shift in our understanding of GRIT has two parts.     Read More »
Repeated practice is the key to course success states Assistant Professor Robin McCutcheon, who assigns more than 30 required MyEconLab problems a week along with 40 optional ones.    Read More »
The ability to practice problem solving until a student has mastered the material is a key ingredient to success in a course. Lecturer Jackie Lindo at the University of Hawaii in Manoa took this into consideration when implementing MyEconLab into her Principles of Microeconomics course.    Read More »


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