Today‚Äôs topic in The Britt Files focuses on the concept of self-explanation in order to better condition students to be active learners. By encouraging students to step away from their notes and explain what they're learning to themselves or others, they're more likely to truly learn the content rather than just memorize facts from their notes.    Read More »
Repeated practice is the key to course success states Assistant Professor Robin McCutcheon, who assigns more than 30 required MyEconLab problems a week along with 40 optional ones.    Read More »

Looking for a Virtual Way into Cite?

New to Cite this year is the virtual track, consisting of 15 webcasts including keynote, distinguished speaker, and hot-topic sessions, all live and on-demand. Click here to learn more.    Read More »
The ability to practice problem solving until a student has mastered the material is a key ingredient to success in a course. Lecturer Jackie Lindo at the University of Hawaii in Manoa took this into consideration when implementing MyEconLab into her Principles of Microeconomics course.    Read More »
Catch a sneak peek of Cite keynote speaker, Alec Couros, by checking out his previous podcast: The Power, Promise, and Pitfalls of Networks in Online Learning.    Read More »


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