Degrees Digital Magazine Launches

Degrees, a monthly, digital magazine, delivers easily digestible, lighthearted content in an interactive, visually dominant format specifically tailored to a tech- and social-savvy audience of higher education instructors.    Read More »

Can We Avoid the Rabbit Hole?

Enticing students to spend time outside class learning the subject matter requires making clear its relevance. That is, students learn more deeply when they are engaged in active learning than when they are passive recipients of information.     Read More »
Recently published, the MyLab & Mastering Business, IT, and Career Efficacy Report, features over 20 case studies.    Read More »

The Britt Files: Don't Give Away the Answer...Yet

Today’s topic in The Britt Files focuses on waiting. That’s right – when you ask students a question when you’re lecturing, how long do you wait to allow students to answer? Is it the suggested 3-5 to five seconds?    Read More »

Defining G-R-I-T

As GRIT becomes white-hot in the milieu of ideas, our efforts to grasp it, gauge it, and grow it are evolving, dramatically. All together, this upgrade defines the difference between grit and GRIT™. The seismic shift in our understanding of GRIT has two parts.     Read More »


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